23, Sauter


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Action: Renner

Model: 107

Serial number: 16299

Year of manufacture: 1957

Dimensions: 107 x 147 x 54 cm

Condition soundboard: One crack see pictures

Condition base bridge: Good, see picture

Condition trebble bridge: Good/Perfect

Condition hammers: Good/Ok, some use 0,5 – 1,0 mm grooves

Condition case: Excellent condition

Condition keys: Perfect keys but key bushings are tropicalized with key bushing made of plastics instead of kashmir felt. Brittle plastics and some key plastic bushings are cracked. See pictures.

Type of keys: White plastic

Condition base strings: Good

Condition trebble strings: Good

Condition tuning pins: Need replacement

Agraffes/pressure bar base: –

Agraffes/pressure bar middle: Pressure bar

Agraffes/pressure bar tenor: Pressure bar

Agraffes/pressure bar trebble: Pressure bar

Moderator: No

Number of keys: 88



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