40, August Hoffman


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Action: Renner

Model: 104

Serial number: 32730

Year of manufacture: 1970

Dimensions: 104 x 139 x 53 cm

Condition soundboard: Good/Perfect

Condition base bridge: Good/Perfect

Condition trebble bridge: Good/Perfect

Condition hammers: Good, very little use 0,5 mm grooves or less

Condition case: Good overall, some wear, see pictures

Condition keys: Perfect

Type of keys: White plastic

Condition base strings: Good

Condition trebble strings: Good

Condition tuning pins: Very tight/tight

Agraffes/pressure bar base: –

Agraffes/pressure bar middle: Pressure bar

Agraffes/pressure bar tenor: Pressure bar

Agraffes/pressure bar trebble: Pressure bar

Moderator: Yes, felt slightly worn

Number of keys: 88



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